April 12, 2010


The Regular Meeting of Richlandtown Borough Council was held on April 12, 2010. Council President Jim Bowman opened the meeting at 7:00pm.  All Council Members were present.


ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no announcements.


PUBLIC COMMENT           There were no public comments.



The minutes for March 8, 2010 were accepted on a motion by Matt Scheetz, seconded by Jocelyn Myers, and approved by all.


PRESENTATIONS / DEVELOPER’S ISSUES There were no Presentations or Developers.



  1. Frank Bristow of Warrington, PA, requesting to volunteer to assist with ordinance review and preparation, to fulfill degree requirements.  (no appointment needed)
  2. Rhonda Mitchell of 122 S. Main St., requesting to be appointed to Zoning Hearing Board.

MOTION Rhonda Mitchell was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board on a motion by Matt Scheetz, seconded by Floyd Bless, and approved by all.


The Manager will check the records to confirm if Mary Painton of New St. is an Alternate on the Zoning Hearing Board.



Mayor’s Report

Thus far, I have selected and contacted 3 municipalities in 3 different counties - Bucks, Montgomery & Northampton Counties - via e-mail in regards to their Pedestrian Crossing projects.  Currently, I am waiting for replies to my e-mail, but I will be following up with a personal phone call by month's end.  In addition, I plan to contact an additional municipality in Lehigh County.


Since our last meeting, I have presided over 2 Wedding Ceremonies - 1 in Quakertown and 1 in the Borough Office.


I would like to pursue and set-up a meeting with all of the necessary parties to discuss our current designated Snow Emergency Routes in the Borough limits and any additions and/or deletions that should be recommended and brought before Borough Council at a future meeting.  The Manager and Fire Chief volunteered to be on the committee.


Solicitor’s Report

Zoning Matters:  The solicitor provided an update on the Hinkle and Smith cases.

Phoebe Tax-Exempt Status: The Solicitor discussed the Tax Exempt status and Voluntary Agreement of Phoebe Richland.

             Ordinance Updates: draft ordinances for Sex Offender and Adult Entertainment were distributed.


Borough Manager

Sen. Bob Mensch: Bucks County Elected Officials of the 24th Senate District on Friday, May 7th, 2010, at the Milford Township Building located at 2100 Krammes Road Quakertown, PA 18951 from 7:30 am to 9:00 am

EIT Resolution: In accordance with Act 32 county-wide EIT collection, the BCTCC is adopting bylaws and a budget. They have also applied for a DCED grant to help with the costs of organizing. The resolution is needed to satisfy the terms of the grant. *Resolution 2010-02

MOTION A motion to pass Resolution 2010-02 was made by Matt Scheetz, seconded by Jocelyn Myers, and approved by all.

DCNR Grant: Resolution is needed to satisfy the terms of the grant *Resolution 2010—03

MOTION A motion to pass Resolution 2010-03 was made by Jocelyn Myers, seconded by Matt Scheetz, and approved by all.

Subcommittee Meetings:  Subcommittee meetings will be held on the 4th Monday of the month at 7pm at Boro Hall. This will be an advertised date to be used by Council as needed. The dates will be: April 26, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23, Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 22, and Dec. 27.

Water Meter Replacements: About 35 on the list to be replaced; 11 are completed and confirmed OK; 6 more scheduled over the next week. The stragglers may take more time and effort for them to comply; some of them are on the 120+ Days Outstanding list, and are in foreclosure, or are vacant.

                                                  i.      Water Meters: Distributor for Badger Meters said that they may be “sunsetting” the current manual read type meters that we use. Representative provided information regarding a new transmission-based remote system.


Water Superintendent

MOTION The Water Superintendent’s Report was approved on a motion by John Calder, seconded by Floyd Bless, and approved by all.

120+ Days Outstanding Bills is from multiple accounts, many in the stages of foreclosure.

Arsenic Update: We are moving ahead with BCWSA for the required allowance to discharge the excess water produced when the remediation system is backwashed. The waiver of the tapping fees will be brought up at the April BCWSA meeting.



Basket Bingo fundraiser: June 5. Fire Company requests a donation from Council. In 2009, Council donated $50.

Emergency Management Plan: This should be updated by the Mayor, Fire Company, and staff.

Fire Police: Plumstead Township requesting Fire Police assistance for a 5K race on Saturday, May 1, 2010, from 8:30am until 11:00am.

MOTION A motion to allow Richlandtown Fire Company to assist with the May 1 Plumstead 5K race was made by John Calder, seconded by Matt Scheetz, and approved by all.



PennVest: reimbursement requests still need to be approved.

2009 End of Year: Budget/Actual figures are completed.

Financial Statements: Reflecting Q1 2010

Professional Audit: We should look into getting a professional audit. We will possibly obtain RFPs.



Street Lights: Some are out near First Ave. & W. Union St.

“Welcome to Richlandtown” flags: they have been repaired.

Lollipops: We are short 15 fire hydrant lollipops for the Borough. We should have 40. Ms. Myers is investigating having some fabricated through a Vo-Tech school.

Potholes and damaged water caps: Pot holes have been repaired. Manager will get a list of all broken water caps from Mr. Bless, and will address them.

Mowing and trimming: Mowing will start soon. Manager will go out and trim bushes around water tower.

Sign Inventory and Mandates: Manager will inventory all street signs and their current condition. He will report back with the status of every sign, and create a plan for replacement, based on a qualitative assessment and state mandates. This information should be used for long-term budgetary reasons.

W. Union St.: Manager will meet with Phoebe and the Engineer this week to discuss options.

Street Sweeping: Friday, April 23 (all PennDOT roads by PennDOT); Tuesday, April 27 (all local roads by Reilly)

Sidewalks (JM): Some boroughs have had success in simply asking home owners to fix sidewalks, others who have needed expensive repairs have bid out the work and home owners pay for their portion of the bid- they either make a one-time payment or several payments to cover their portion of the cost. Borough usually covers the cost of bidding process through capital improvements fund. We will look into a current sidewalk ordinance, and then formulate a plan for enforcement.

Spring Cleanup: We will NOT have one this spring, due to budget concerns. Additionally, most trash haulers will take large items with prior notice, or a small fee.



Park Ordinance: Manager reviewing a legal solution to rules and ordinances.

Events: Star Party- April 16 (raindate 17) 8pm, dusk.

Work Day- April 17 9-2pm
Friendly's Night- May 17,
Oldies Dance- June 5,

Fundraising Update: $7500 in playground fund

Grants: Meeting Fran Rubert from DCNR Friday March 19, 10am. Had public participation through online survey, feedback at P&R meeting held April 7. Need to pass resolution allowing Jocelyn Myers to sign paperwork on behalf of the Borough. Plans being done by Bob Wynn's office- will be used for Bucks grant also. DCNR grant due April 21, 4pm.
Seeking partnerships/donations for match

Sign: Manager reviewing zoning requirements

Benner Hall Garage: It could use a new roof.

Benner Hall Floors: Look into obtaining a $3-4000 floor machine. We believe that this was in the 2010 Benner Hall Capital budget.



Bike Rodeo: Lions Club requests donation to assist with Bike Rodeo. In 2009, Council donated $250.

MOTION A motion to donate $250 to the Lions Club Bike Rodeo was made by John Calder, seconded by Floyd Bless, and approved by all.

Stormwater Ordinance: We have adopted a Stormwater Ordinance in 2000 (Ord. 225, 226). We will review and propose updates. The engineer will look into the current ordinance violation.

Megans Law Ordinance: It will be discussed during subcommittee.

Adult Entertainment Ordinance: It will be discussed during subcommittee, and reviewed by Planning Commission.



Parking Lot lights: Completed

Mowing: Dave’s Services will still mow this year, though on a modified schedule, due to budget constraints.  Dannette McClanahan has volunteered to mow some areas as well.


PERSONNELL COMMITTEE: nothing to report



USPS Meeting: Letter sent to USPS officials requesting to meet again and determine routing and delivery method. No response yet.

Web page profiles: Jocelyn is awaiting profile information for the web page from the Council members.

Ethics Forms: Due May 1. Manager will personally contact those who are delinquent.



Public Comment Policy: The Manager will discuss with Council President some examples of a policy regarding public comment.



The bills were paid on a motion by John Calder, seconded by Matt Scheetz, and approved by all.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm on a motion by Floyd Bless, seconded by John Calder, and approved by all.


Next Meeting: Monday, May 10, 2010. 7pm at Benner Hall.


                                                                                                                                Submitted by Joseph Geib, Borough Manager.