May 10, 2010


The Regular Meeting of Richlandtown Borough Council was held on May 10, 2010. Council President Jim Bowman opened the meeting at 7:00pm.  All Council Members were present.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Council had an Executive Session prior to the meeting to discuss litigation.



MOTION Donna Peters was granted permission to hold a block party on May 22 on a motion by Floyd Bless, seconded by John Calder, and approved by all.



The minutes for April 12, 2010 were accepted on a motion by Matt Scheetz, seconded by Jocelyn Myers, and approved by all.



Mayor’s Report

On April 28th, I attended an information night sponsored by the Upper Bucks Alliance for Creative Expression at the Michener Library in Quakertown.  UBACE is currently looking for volunteers and mentors to join in and provide a safe and sober haven for talented student musicians.  It is a great way for these students to learn responsibility, good work ethics and take pride in their accomplishments.  For more information about the organization, I invite you to contact John Ruby at or call (267) 221-8915.  In addition, I have a copy of their booklet outlining different facets of their unique organization.


At this time I wish to address a few concerns which have been brought to my attention.

#1 – ATV’s:  With warmer weather comes the return of these recreational vehicles.  Just remember to use common sense and be respectful of your neighbors and also they do not belong on the road with regular motor vehicles. 

#2 – Dogs:  I was made aware of an incident that occurred in January where a woman was knocked over by a dog running loose on North Main Street.  For the protection of others, if you are walking your dog, be sure that they are on a leash or if they are outside in your yard, keep them tied. 

It is for everyone’s safety and welfare to be mindful of both subjects.  Failure to disregard safety precautions in either instance may result in a liability issue, if something should go wrong.


While I have not had any response to my e-mail, I did begin to review information that I have received on Crosswalks.


Since our last meeting, I have officiated at 3 Wedding Ceremonies.


Solicitor’s Report

Zoning Matters:  The solicitor provided an update on the Hinkle and Smith cases.

Phoebe Tax-Exempt Status: The Solicitor discussed the Tax Exempt status and Voluntary Agreement of Phoebe Richland.

             Ordinance Updates: draft ordinances for Sex Offender and Adult Entertainment were distributed.


Borough Manager

Frank Bristow Volunteer Work: Mr. Bristow completed approximately 50 hours of volunteer work, compiling a thorough listing of all the Borough’s ordinances and resolutions.

Phoebe Richland PILOT Agreement: will be discussed in Executive Session.

QAPC Resolution: Updating the QAPC duties, membership guidelines, and expense allocations.  Expense rates are based on land area, assessment, and population. Our rates are unchanged. *Resolution 2010-04

MOTION A motion to pass Resolution 2010-04 was made by John Calder, seconded by Floyd Bless, and approved by all.

Water Shutoffs: Performed last week, resulting in over $1,100 in back fees paid. Two others are in foreclosure, and are empty.

Water Meter Replacements: About 35 on the list to be replaced; 20 are completed and confirmed OK. The stragglers may take more time and effort for them to comply; some of them are on the 120+ Days Outstanding list, and are in foreclosure, or are vacant.


Water Superintendent

MOTION The Water Superintendent’s Report was approved on a motion by John Calder, seconded by Thom Gross, and approved by all.

Arsenic Update: We are moving ahead with BCWSA for the required allowance to discharge the excess water produced when the remediation system is backwashed. The waiver of the tapping fees will be brought up at the May BCWSA meeting.  We will need to enter into an agreement with the BCWSA to disconnect water service for those who have unpaid sewer bills.

H2O PA Grant: We were denied last year, and can reapply for this year. We just need to sign the updated form.

DEP Tier I Regulations Elaine and the Manager are working to make sure that our customer phone list is up to date to be in compliance with the regulations.



Quakertown Borough requesting Fire Police assistance for Memorial Day Parade, May 31, 2010, from 9:00am until completion of the parade.

MOTION This Fire Police request was approved on a motion by John Calder, seconded by Matt Scheetz, and approved by all.

Quakertown Borough requesting Fire Police assistance for July 4th event, 7:45pm until 11:00pm.

MOTION This Fire Police request was approved on a motion by John Calder, seconded by Matt Scheetz, and approved by all.

Federal Grant The Fire Company is seeking a federal grant to purchase a generator for the Fire House and the Borough Office.



PennVest: reimbursement requests still need to be approved.

Professional Audit: We should look into getting a professional audit. We will have an estimate done.



Lollipops: Ms. Myers is having some fabricated through a Vo-Tech school.

Potholes and damaged water caps: Manager will get a list of all broken water caps from Mr. Bless, and will address them.

Mowing and trimming: Mowing has started. Ms. McClanahan has been volunteering to help out with some mowing services.

Sign Inventory and Mandates: Manager will inventory all street signs and their current condition. He will report back with the status of every sign, and create a plan for replacement, based on a qualitative assessment and state mandates. This information should be used for long-term budgetary reasons.

W. Union St.: Manager will meet with Phoebe and the Engineer this week to discuss options.



Fundraising: Account is up to $8050. Flyers available to solicit donations.


·         Flea Market made about $800 total

·         Work Day in April was a huge success- thank you!

·         Star Party will be rescheduled for Fall

·         May 17, 5-8pm- Friendly's Night

·         May 21, 7:00- Last Movie Night of season

·         June 5, 7:00-11:00- Oldie's Dance

Grants Report: Grant was filed April 21, 2010. Thanks to Curt Genner of Wynn's office for his help.

Floor Machine looking to purchase a floor machine

MOTION There was a motion made by Matt Scheetz, seconded by Jocelyn Myers, and approved by all to purchase a new floor cleaner, burnisher, and the associated cleaners for the amount of $3,608.

Website now has availability calendar

Kaboom hosted website to stay updated on fundraising



Towne Court / HOA: Zoning Officer on hand to discuss issues and solutions. The Property Maintenance Code deals with sanitary and living conditions of properties and abandoned structures. Back parking spots are designated by the land development agreement.

Megans Law Ordinance: Buffer is 1000’. We will advertise for the June meeting.

Adult Entertainment Ordinance: Limited to HC and VC districts, with a buffer of 200’ from certain disqualifying uses. We will advertise for the June meeting.



Mowing: Borough Council thanked Ms. McClanahan for her volunteer time to mow the grounds.



USPS Meeting: Letter sent to USPS officials requesting to meet again and determine routing and delivery method. Discussions pending.

Web Page Profiles (JM): will be up soon.



The bills were paid on a motion by John Calder, seconded by Matt Scheetz, and approved by all.  Checks 2949, 2950, and 2947 will be reviewed and reissued by Borough staff.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm on a motion by Floyd Bless, seconded by John Calder, and approved by all.


Next Meeting: Monday, June 14, 2010. 7pm at Benner Hall.


                                                                                                                                Submitted by Joseph Geib, Borough Manager.