New Resident Information

Welcome to Richlandtown!  Listed below is information designed to answer some general questions that you may have about your move into Richlandtown Borough.  For any additional information, please contact the Borough Office.

Permit / Fee Schedule

For information about the requirement of Use & Occupancy Permits, other permits, Tenant ID forms, Zoning and Fee Schedule information, please visit the Forms & Permits Page on this website.

School District

Richlandtown is part of the Quakertown Community School District (QCSD)


Richlandtown has a Tax Collector, which is an elected position.  The borough tax collector is currently responsible for the collection of all property taxes for both Bucks County and Richlandtown Borough.

Listed below are property tax rates for all property owners in Richlandtown:
Richlandtown Borough (5 mills for 2016)
Bucks County (23.2 mills for 2016)
The above are paid to the Richlandtown Borough Tax Collector.
Quakertown Community School District (QCSD) (149.73 mills for 2016)
The above is paid to the School District.

In addition, all employed Richlandtown Residents are also responsible for payment of the Earned Income Tax (EIT)

Please note:  Tax millage rates are subject to change.

U.S. Mail Delivery

If your new home does not have either a curbside mailbox or there is no cluster box, contact the U.S. Postal Service to arrange for P.O. Box mail delivery.  The nearest location is the Richlandtown Post Office.  It is located at the corner of Richlandtown Pike and East Pumping Station Road.


Electricity: PPL Electric Utilities
Natural Gas: UGI
Oil Heat: Contact an independent supplier
Recycling: Contact an independent supplier
Sewer: Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority
Telecom: Verizon and Comcast are licensed to operate in the Borough
Waste Management: Contact an independent supplier
Water: Richlandtown Borough Water Department


To vote in the primary and general elections, there is a single polling place located in Richlandtown.   It is the St. John’s Lutheran Church Activity Center, located at the corner of First Ave. and W. Union St.