Open Records

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Act, all records maintained by the Borough are public records, unless the records are:
• specifically exempted by Section 708
• exempted by another state or Federal law
• exempted by a judicial decree or order

In order to request a copy of a public record, please complete a Right to Know Request Form, and submit it to the Borough’s Open Records Officer.  According to Pennsylvania law, all requests must receive a response within 5 business days.

The Borough charges a duplication fee of $0.25 per page (or copy), as permitted by law and is based upon the Borough Fee Schedule (revised in 2016).  All fees related to the duplication of the records are approved by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. This includes the cost of copies to redact sensitive information, even when only viewing records. As per the Act, the Borough can reserve the right to require payment in advance when the fees are estimated to total more than $100.00, and the Borough reserves the right to waive any fee.

Open Records Officer: Kathy Wetzel, Borough Secretary

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records may be contacted by telephone at 717-346-9903, or by e-mail at  You may also visit also.